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I work freelance for Oxford University Press and Bloomsbury Publishing and when I get time, I draw, paint, photograph, video and animate.

I am also a mural painter and have painted murals in domestic and educational settings.

I have an MA by Research in Art & Design at Wolverhampton University.

I have a first class honours BA in Fine Art and I was awarded the Department of Visual Arts Outstanding Achievement in the Visual Arts Award.

I was shortlisted in 2019 in the MIND short story competition.

This website started out as my Contextual Studies Reflective Journal while at Shrewsbury College. However, now it has evolved into just a blog about art.

I also have a non-art blog which is about those random thoughts and questions about life that crop up when in a place of relative tranquillity: www.weirdthoughtsihave.com

Also, balloons of Britain project: www.burstballoons.co.uk

The Free Republic of Repetition: www.freerepublicofrepetition.com

Email: rebecca.collins@daftcat.co.uk

Twitter: @BeckyBendyLegs

Instagram: BeckyBendyLegs


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  1. Ceri Griffiths says:

    Hi, Becky – I’m Ceri.
    I don’t know how to reach you via your balloon page and I don’t have a picture of any physical finds, but I wanted to say – I have a “thing” about balloons too. All my life, I’ve loved them, particularly busting them.
    I used to be scared of the noise, but when I got used to it, I loved doing it. I also like seeing their remains. I don’t know if you like doing that.
    Although it’s rarely practical in reality, I like destroying things – particularly smashing glass and china.
    If you’d like to chat, you can reach me at Airaux2@hotmail.com.

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