Hats and Windows

What is your favourite word?

Leaving Wolverhampton

Landing in Munich

Taking off from Munich

Walking around Munich

A Trip To The Beach.

Still in the Go-Pro honeymoon period.

A Walk Around New York.

More playing with the Go-Pro. This time on a scooter.

Picking Up Josh.

Coming back home with Josh.

My first attempt with the Go-Pro camera.

A day out in Liverpool.

Every autumn we are plagued by slugs. Here is my attempt to capture the critters on camera.

Summer 2014 I made a little video of ‘Great Nan’s 90th Birthday Party’.

For this I edited footage taken over our two-day trip to Plymouth for the party with narration supplied by my three children.

Christmas 2013 after I completed the Absence as Presence Project I experimented a little more with time-lapse video and produced two fun videos based on car journeys.

Liverpool to Shrewsbury

This was made by taking a constant stream of photographs along the journey (as a passenger of course) and adding to a snippet of audio from the inside of the car.

Shrewsbury to Ikea


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