World War I

Start from the bottom to chart my journey making the video piece for the Traces exhibition.

The final video – all joined together.


Title pages for the biscuit video.


This video shows one of the final five videos that constitute the final piece for the Traces exhibition.


The same experiment as the one below but with green-screened background of the object. Still an overdose on the senses. The screen size is incorrect.


An experiment with combining techniques in split screen and green screening, with the story of the object. Perhaps a slight overdose on the senses?


Making an object out of clay, using green-screen technology to add the background which is an image of the object. I quite liked this one, I like the ‘fuzziness’ of it.


Playing with animation and real footage.


Another experiment with a split screen, this  time to the tones of Ed Shearan.


An experiment with a split-screen video of me making an object out of clay.


My first green screen test – Josh in New York.

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