An exhibition of thoughts

At the moment, I am a third the way through my current art assessment in terms of time (days, weeks, months). The assignment was issued in the middle of November and hand-in date is 19th May. Details about the project can be found here. However, I am at currently that stage of a project where I am full of thoughts and ideas yet I feel as if I’ve hardly done anything real or practical. I’ve only got my paintbrush out twice, I’ve had two half-hour sessions with a bit of clay, and I’ve spent about one hour editing video. That’s not very good for two months’ work. I have nothing to show the world. On the other hand, I’ve already filled one sketchbook with notes, thoughts and research.

I was cycling home from college yesterday after another day spent reading and writing notes and I thought, it’s a shame I can’t just have an exhibition of my thoughts or ideas. I’m ready in terms of thoughts and ideas. That would save me doing all the hard work and the next few months could then be quite relaxing.

Someone has beaten me to it.

Someone has beaten me to it.

Perhaps one day that will be possible, when we have mind-reading technology and my thoughts can be extracted digitally and printed with a 3D printer.

I doubt this will be possible before May though.

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