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It’s been a very busy week. I have just finished the latest college project. Yesterday, I handed everything to do with that project in to be marked and assessed. This project, the Powis Castle project, started in January and finished this week. The project, and Powis Castle, has been a huge part of my life for the last 11 months and it has been a very productive and creative time for me. I am going through a bit of a reality check: I have an art exhibition at Powis Castle at the moment. How on earth did that happen?

I have learnt so much over the last 11 months about video editing, animation, digital art and interviewing. I’ve also learnt about collaborating with people, publicity, advertising and setting up for an exhibition.

Eleven months' worth of hard work

Eleven months’ worth of hard work

However, now I am tired. Now, I am suffering from my first ever migraine, which is a sign of the end of a busy period. My instinct is to lie in bed and watch back-to-back episodes of the Gilmore Girls.

Comfort TV

Comfort TV

But I cannot afford to rest for very long as we will be given the brief for the next project next week. Already, my brain has been tasked with a bit of light ‘thinking’. Already, I’ve started to make some tentative notes.

In the real world, I’d be able to afford a month off to recharge my batteries. Being a student, however, is not living in the real world. After this last project I may choose to abandon art for ever, or take a year off, a month, or a few years. I could just take a day off. The point is, it will be my own choice. But as for now, I don’t have that choice.

This is what my brain needs to be like

This is what my brain needs to be like

The next project is very loose: do art, display art and find some money to help with the art doing and displaying. The end. Graduate. This project is daunting. I usually need a handle to hold. I’m not sure how I am going to cope with such an open-ended project brief. I’m also not sure I’m going to like a project that means I have to be very proactive, more proactive than I have been to date. I will also have to be confident, assertive, and all those things that I like to shy away from.

Ho hum. Time to get creative. I will do, as soon as my headache has gone and this episode of the Gilmore Girls has finished.

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