Gallery visit – and I’m still obsessed with revising the beast

This morning the MA students who are graduating this year met at the Walsall Art Gallery to examine the space and chat with the curators, Debra and Kevin, about any issues we might have.

I arrived nice and early and settled myself in Costa next to the gallery with a large Americano, and revised the beast yet again. I feel as if I am engaged in a complex linguistic jigsaw that never ends. I keep moving paragraphs around. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are being moved around in circles, only to end up back where they started.

As for the gallery walk around, that went smoothly. I am not a tricky artist. I am quite emotional and volatile in some areas of my life, but not in art display. I trust the curators, they know what they are doing better than I do. I have a nice sunny spot. I think my things will look fine where they are going to be placed.

Where I will be.

My next dilemma: how to get my big wooden ‘things’ safely to Walsall. We have a van to take big things and I have bagsied space in the  van. But I will need to bubble wrap my pieces, turn them into Mr Softie furniture, in order to ensure their safe arrival. They aren’t the sturdiest of creatures. I have ordered a massive role of bubble wrap. It is due on Friday. That will be Monday’s task.

Where I will be, bigger

Before that, I aim to print out the beast tomorrow, bind it on Thursday and deliver it on Friday. The deadline is Monday but I don’t want the weekend to hang over me like a cloud of revision potential. I am at the point of nausea now, I can’t read it any more. It is what it is.

I am only writing this blog as a way to stop myself reading the beast again.


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