I want that job

Today I read about an artist who has been employed as the official artist on the 2015 general election campaign. I want that job. It seems that he spends his days following David Cameron and Nick Clegg, at the same time sketching people. I love to sketch people. He trails the campaign trail with his sketch pad and pencil. Once the election has been and gone, he will create a piece of artwork inspired by these experiences to be displayed at Westminster.

Reading up about Adam Dant, who I hadn’t heard of before, I find out he won the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2002. He is well known for pen-and-ink drawings which narrate aspects of British culture and political life.

Soerditch: Diary of a Neighbourhood, 2013

Soerditch: Diary of a Neighbourhood, 2013

After I’ve won the Jerwood Drawing Prize perhaps I will get picked for the job. The next election will be in 2020 so I have time.


‘Artist Adam Dant: Drawing the election campaign’ BBC News, 22 April 2014. Available from:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2015-32384325 [last accessed 22 April 2014]

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