Lost in translation

I have a few friends who live in various locations around the world, and sometimes the nosy me likes to know what they are talking about on Facebook. As I don’t have time to brush up on my Japanese, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian or Spanish (to name but a few) I can just click a very useful link that reads ‘translate’.

The very handy button.

However, this translate function isn’t, I suspect, completely reliable (or if it is, I have some amazingly poetic friends). I have been collecting examples of translated text from Facebook, and I think are quite beautiful in their own right.

  • We have one like dessuton sparkle with chips so it lets in just our cat, almost. Another thing is if the old man wants to start installing and sow in the door to get one of those in place.
  • The generations in deep studies before the moon eclipse.
  • Ha ha I just need to buy a hula hop.
  • The difference is not a mistake, but the difference is the difference. It is a relationship to respect each other.
  • Bad timing, I’m sticking down next weekend.
  • If you put your sleeves on the baggy garden clothes, it’s like not my usual daughter. Oh, I think it’s so big, but I’m so young.
  • Do you know what they call a useless cat in our village? Answer; winter model. The tail never gets between the door and you get the door fast when it’s cold and the cat is going in or out.
  • I had a ukulele guitar (who didn’t know) and I was able to play it properly. When I get sunglasses and my hair is short, I’m scared.
  • At least you get to be some kind of porter and see what they brought. Not just once I stepped on a dead mouse on the floor when we had a flap and never forgot when someone dragged a whole head in. 
  • Long time no see shrine.
    Fried chicken festival in one hand.

I will keep collecting. That last one is my favourite so far – pure brilliance. 

This cat lives in cyberspace

Is this art? I think so. I’m fascinated by internet boobies (in the error sense), I’ve written about two-legged google map cats here before, so why not include text about two-legged google map cats?

After living here for two years I have amassed a few friends from these lands.

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