Nigel Langford – reduced to just 50 words

Recently, one of the tutors at the University of Wolverhampton challenged me to write reviews of any art exhibitions I happen to visit in just 50 words. Immediately my reaction was: ‘challenge accepted!’ (To steal unashamedly from How I Met Your Mother.)

The below is my first attempt at a 50-word review, of an exhibition opening I attended on Friday at Temple Street Studios in Wolverhampton.

Me at the opening, trying to think up 50 words to sum it all up

Nigel Langford

A passive state of contemplation

Temple Street Studios, Wolverhampton

14–21 July 2017

‘This exhibition is a dichotomy. There is both contrast – style, medium, effect and perspective – and commonality – ordinary, everyday, people, time and identity. Paintings of cropped unidentifiable yet familiar, unknown yet knowable individuals suspended against a monochrome background show calm, contemplative moments. Sketches of others still movement and life.’

One of Nigel Langford’s paintings

What do you think? Is it any good? Does it make you want to see the work for yourself? I hope so.

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