Real art going to school

I read a headline today on the BBC News website that read: ‘art masterpieces in schools’ and it immediately made me think ‘blog entry’.

A future Turner? My son already makes art and he's just 3

A future Turner? My son already makes art and he’s just 3

Between 1 and 18 October this year, primary and secondary schools across the UK will be visited by a number of famous works of art by the likes of L. S. Lowry, J. M. W. Turner and Claude Monet. The idea is to encourage children to become appreciators of fine art. The scheme has been organized by the BBC ‘Your Paintings’ (an organization aiming to make works of art accessible to the masses). Current artists will join the paintings on their visits to schools to lead workshops about art.

Let's talk about art

Let’s talk about art

I think this is a marvelous idea. I strongly believe that encouraging young people to appreciate art is a Good Thing. Being a bit arty myself I frequently try, and often fail, to engage my three children in art through visits to galleries and carefully placed copies of ‘Modern Painters’ in the toilet. I wish a Turner could visit their school. Perhaps if this project is successful it could be extended to other areas of the country, I suggest Shropshire stands first in the line.


This county needs more art


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  1. The cat certainly enjoys ‘Modern Painters’ – although mostly as somewhere to sit.

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