Self-doubt – do all artists, all of humanity, suffer?

If I’m an artist then this is me all of the time: torn between wanting to communicate something inside me that is exploding to come out and wanting to hibernate from the world.

Opposites, all the time

(But I never really know whether I am an ‘artist’ or not, whatever an ‘artist’ is and whether it is in fact something in all of us (which I actually believe to be true).)

Thinking of the concept of an ‘artist’, then I’m struggling at the moment with overwhelming self-doubt with that identity and as, also, more importantly, as a ‘good enough’ person. I don’t feel like I’m doing a great job at this humanity lark right now. I accept this doubt though as ‘normal’. I know we all feel it at times. We don’t say it to each other enough.

Joseph Beuys had it right: ‘Every human being is an artist’.

I’m an artist, are you?

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