Recently I have become interested in staircases. I like them because they are the forgotten part of a building, whether in a house or a public space. People rarely take the trouble to make the most of their staircases and they rarely decorate or linger on the staircases. We go up and down them yet never stop to consider them. They see so much yet remain so silent about it. I’ve been compiling a sketch pad of staircases, in honour of the diversity of staircases.

One of my many staircases

One of my many staircases

Then I came across the Endless Staircase in the most recent edition of Modern Painters magazine. The Endless Staircase is a wooden topsy turvy ‘endless’ set of steps that will be installed outside St Paul’s Cathedral in September to celebrate London Design Festival 2013. The Endless Staircase was designed by architect Rijke Marsh who confesses to be a bit of an Escher fan (as am I). It consists of 20 staircases that overlap, interlock and lead nowhere.

Which way is up?

Which way is up?

Once again, I wish I lived near London. Me and my children would love to explore this.

I often dream of staircases, which appear in my dreams to be broken or full of holes. I wonder what that means? It probably just means I should move my interest to something else.

stairs sunday 2

Another one of my many staircases



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