The eternal circle – virtual becomes real again

I dabbled in painting my virtual reality drawings a couple of months ago, using whatever I had to hand at the time, which was three linen canvases and a piece of board. I’ve written about that experiment here.

Since then, I decided to create the drawings as a proper series of paintings. I have now done that. I just completed a series of 18 of the VR drawings I made in West Bromwich in oil on black board using memory alone, to replicate what I think I drew.

The result is an interesting, colourful, series of images of objects, still-lifes of sorts, that are vaguely recognisable in some cases and unrecognisable in others.

Here is just a small selection of them. The interesting irony is how I have swung from an almost religious adherence to the monotone to a vibrant use of colour. However, there is an important link: I am removing an element to try to create a new essence. It doesn’t matter too much what that element is. With the monochrome paintings it was colour, with the ‘fuzzy objects’ it was language, and with the VR drawings it was touch. With these? It is a the relationship to the real and then to the virtual. The point? To show how the real and the virtual is not so different as many of us think. Things exist in both realms and we can put them there, and reclaim them, very easily.

Things are fuzzy.

These ‘can’t live without objects’ have travelled a journey, and they can stand alone now as something new and interesting. At least I hope they do. It is, of course, down to the viewer to decide.

Any guesses what this is?

Do you wear it, or eat it?

And this is…?

Do you wear it, or eat it?

Is he cute?

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