The irony of art-student creativity

Today I have been drawing. This is the first time, beyond random sketches of people in coffee shops and on trains, that I’ve drawn for weeks. I love drawing. I love drawing more than any of the following:

  • painting
  • blogging
  • making videos
  • casting in bronze
  • playing with plastercine
  • animating
  • pairing socks
  • eating orange chocolate

I don’t spend enough time drawing. I carry a small A6 book with me for impromptu sketching of people in coffee shops. However, beyond that, I don’t do nearly as much drawing as I’d like to. This is largely due to lack of time and perhaps pressure to produce.

But today, as work has moved from Code Red to Code Green thanks to the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook and the Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook going to press, I’ve had time. Time to draw.

This book has ruled my life for the last five months

The 2017 edition of this book has ruled my life for the last five months

Today, I’ve drawn four things. I’ve drawn four balloons / balloon fragments.

My drawings aren’t very exciting. They relate to a project I’ve more-or-less finished now that my first year as a part-time Level 6 student has finished. I gain nothing in terms of grades from this. I gain nothing in terms of enlightenment or advancement. All I have gained, is therapy and practice. I had no reason to draw balloons today. I just wanted to.

Random balloon bit

Random balloon bit

Another random balloon bit

Another random balloon bit

And another random balloon bit

And another random balloon

Final random balloon bit

Final random balloon bit

It is as if the freedom to do nothing, or draw anything, for no ultimate goal has loosened my hand and my eye. I just want to draw. I want to draw more. I want to draw every day. Oddly, I’ve worked really hard today. I spent about 4 hours drawing which is more in one sitting than I’ve spent in the last year. I don’t really know or understand why. I’m tired now. More tomorrow perhaps.

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