What does the London Underground taste like to you?

To me the London Underground doesn’t taste of anything, but to one man, James Wannerton, it tastes of all sorts of things from roast lamb to sausage rolls, from prune juice to ham sandwich, and from soft black wine gum to carrot cake. He has finally been able to create his own complete version of the London Underground map after 49 years of traveling on the Underground and making notes, tasting, in some cases salivating and other perhaps retching along the way.

What's the quickest route from Flumps to Sprouts?

What’s the quickest route from Flumps to Sprouts?

I have the sort of synaesthesia which means that I see words, letters, numbers and names in colour. There are many types of synaestheia and Mr Wannerton has a type of synaesthesia that connects places with tastes. Mr Wannerton’s synaesthesia is called lexical-gustatory synaesthesia and he’s quite into the subject being the President of the UK Synaesthesia Association.

So if you were to go to London by train from my hometown you’d arrive in Roast Lamb and you might want to go shopping and get off at Oxtail Soup. I quite like going to Chocolate Digestives though for a bit of a browse.

Yummy Caramelised Lamb sounds a great place to go

Yummy Caramelised Lamb sounds a great place to go

I’m very jealous. I think my branch of synaesthesia is actually quite boring. By the way, the word synaesethesia is white and blue with a bit of yellowy-green. I have no idea what it tastes of, though.


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