I think cats are ace but there are limits

Today’s browsing of the BBC News website lead me to this news item about the Russian artist who has a penchant for adding cats to works of art.

Who has the best smile?

Who has the best smile?

Svetlana Petrova has been adding her big ginger cat, Zarathustra, to famous paintings. This idea came to her after she had been suffering from a bowt of artist’s block. Someone suggested to her that she introduce the one thing that was bringing her any joy at that time, her cat, into her art.

The cat wants a cheeseburger

The cat wants a cheeseburger

She sent off a few of the images she created to friends, fellow artists and galleries and created a website for her new cat art. She was quite astonished to learn a few months later that her cat was busy exploding all over the Internet.

I'm the original fat ginger cat

I’m the original fat ginger cat

I like cats, I like art, but I’m not sure that this is a great mix of the two. It is slightly humourous and I’m sure Garfield would approve but that’s about all.


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