I want to do that…

I have vague ambitions to be a good ‘in the moment’ street photographer (as well as all of my other ambitions). What holds me back is the guts to take photos of strange people (strange as in I don’t know them), risking their wrath. So often during my daily wanderings do I see people (and objects) that I would love to photograph if only I had my digital camera with me or if I do if I had the guts to point and shoot.

This 'Instagram' thing might be interesting

This ‘Instagram’ thing might be interesting

Yesterday I came across this news article which inspired me to perhaps be a little braver. Daniel Arnold, a fairly ordinary person with an ordinary existence, has been spending his spare time taking photos of the ordinary and extraordinary around his home city New York, posting his pictures onto Instagram. I have yet to discover this Instagram thing, although I have heard of it. I guess it is like Facebook but with photos.

Arnold became a bit of an Instagram hit massing quite quickly a whole bus load of followers who were interested in his captivating photographs of New York life. The BBC news article is worth watching (I can’t find any of his photographs on the Internet). The talent to capture the interesting and uninteresting in the moment is one which I greatly admire and aspire to.

Watch this space. I might start being a little braver.

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